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Hadco’s FlexScape Inground IL9

1st August 2017

Hadco’s FlexScape Inground IL9



About Hadco’s Inground IL9 LED

Imagine the convenience and cost savings of having different light levels and a variety of beam patterns, all within a single LED luminaire. Philips Hadco FlexScape LED low-voltage inground and accent landscape luminaires provide countless lighting outcomes to choose from for residential and light commercial applications.

The LED Inground model opens new horizons for low-voltage landscape lighting. It is designed for optimal LED performance and superior flexibility.

The luminaire creates visual interest for, pathways, walls, columns and foliage. Its rugged housing installs directly into the soil. In addition to low-energy outdoor lighting, it features convenient on site beam adjustability. This all-weather luminaire comes with 100% molded silicone gaskets.


  • Ability to change light outputs in the field as needs change
  • Zoomable LED optics
  • Rugged construction
  • Sleek design
  • Effective thermal management j n
  • Lasting durability
  • Timeless modern look compliments any landscape
  • Ultimate design flexibility
  • 5 year limited warranty*
Hadco’s FlexScape Inground IL9

*Based on standard 5-year limited warranty. Download Hadco FlexScape LED Warranty PDF for complete warranty information.


Beam Asjustability

Lens zooms from narrow (15°) to medium (30°) beam, accessible after easy removal of three screws on lens ring. Interchangeable flood (60°) lens included.

Limited Aiming

Heatsink doubles as an aiming apparatus, providing a range of 30° (15° from center both ways). Aiming can be adjusted after easy removal of three screws on lens ring.

IP68 Rating

Dust-tight and sealed against direct jets of water and against continuous immersion up to a depth of 1 meter (3.28 feet).

Switchable Light Levels

Integral switch for 4 preset light outputs: 130, 270, 480, 640 lumens based on 3K, MED lens. Adjust using Phillips-head screwdriver after removal of lens ring, optical assembly and heatsink.


12V Class 2 driver housed in injection-molded case with encapsulated electronics.


Pre-wired with 3-ft. pigtail and quick connector.

Breaking New Ground breaking new ground with optimal flexibility


hadco flexscape il9 components

1. Lens Ring

Lens ring secures with three(3) Phillips-head screws. Clamps lens and gasket into place, flush for ADA compliance.

2. Molded Lens

Environmental barrier, sealing, flush for ADA compliance, slight curvature to shed water and debris.

3. Lens Gasket

Molded gasket slips onto lens without tools or RTV.

4. Zoom Path

Tool-less adjustable/ removable path for Zoom Lens and Flood Lens, high brightness white for maximum light output.

5. Flood Lens¹

Interchangeable lens provides 60° flood output.

6. Zoom Lens¹

Interchangeable lens provides 15° to 35° beam.

7. TIR

Snap-in optic shapes beam for zoom and flood lenses.

8. Zoom Support

Support for TIR and Zoom Path, locates optics precisely relative to LED, high brightness white for maximum light output.

9. LED Board

Custom PCB with Philips Lumileds Luxeon M, 3000K/4000K.

10. Heatsink

Spherical shape enables aiming while transferring heat to exterior housing for better thermal performance.

11. Fixture Housing

Housing includes molded-in metal fins for thermal performance, molded-in brass inserts for repeatable opening/ closing. External fins aid thermal management and discourage “heaving” and twisting after installation. Incoming wires factory sealed including antiwicking feature.

1. Select from either a Zoom or Flood lens optics for customized lighting effects.

Hadco’s FlexScape Inground IL9

The all-in-one solution for

Landscape Lighting

Lighting Applications

spot lighting

Focuses an intense beam of light on a particular subject. Showcases focal points.


Enhances texture of a surface by positioning a fixture close to the surface and aiming the beam upward or downward.

mirror lighting

Lights a background scene to reflect it into a nearby body of water.

up lighting

An unnatural, therefore dramatic way of lighting trees and architectural structures. Highlights details on structures and can be used to repeat patterns to create interest.

sign lighting

Identifies signage after dark: entrances to subdivisions, country clubs, office complexes, and small shopping centers.

the all in one solution for landscape lighting

Imagine the convenience and cost savings of having different light levels and a variety of beam patterns, all within a single LED luminaire. Philips Hadco FlexScape LED low-voltage inground landscape luminaire provides countless lighting outcomes to choose from for residential and light commercial applications.

Product Family Details

Source  LED

Watts  10/2

Voltage(s)  12

Input Watts  1.7 / 10 / 10.1 / 9.9

CCT  3000K / 4000K

CRI  70

Lumens  111 / 115 / 118 / 122 / 129 / 137 / 554/ 571/ 587/ 606 / 642 / 681

il9 led landscape lighting

Ordering Guide

il9 led ordering guide

Albrite Stocking Options

Product Discription

Part Number


Looking for other models?

Our partnership with Hadco allows us to provide you with any FlexScape model you need in no time. Simply email or call us to get yours now

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