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Landscape Lighting Guide

27th June 2017

Landscape Lighting Guide



About Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights are used to illuminate outdoor/landscape areas for the purpose of safety, security, and aesthetics. The look of any outdoor area such as walkways, gardens, parks, residential and commercial settings, can be enhanced using landscape lighting.

Types of Landscape Lighting:

1. Accent Lighting:

Focusing and directing light at objects or areas of interest to enhance and highlight their look.

2. Beacons:

Intense light that can be seen from a far distance. In the context of landscape lighting, it is often used to signal the status of a building such as airports and lighthouses.

3. In-ground/In-grade:

Accent lights placed in-grade to highlight walkways, steps or areas around pools.

4. Mini Flood/Wall Washer:

Small, intense lights used to highlight trees or accent features on walls or buildings.

5. Path Lighting:

Small bollards that help light pathways while adding great esthetic look.

6. Step Lighting:

Low wattage lighting that is used to accent and beautify stairs or steps.

7. Underwater:

In-grade lighting that is rated for applications in or under water. Pools, waterfalls and ponds are the main application.

Landscape Lighting Guide

Top Concerns or Challenges

1.) Quality and Versatility

Traditional incandescent products are not energy efficient, have poor bulb life, and are limited in color temperatures.

2.) Cost & Complexity

Higher-end LED systems can be expensive and require programming and detailed design.

3.) Longevity

Low cost products can be great at first but generally only last a year or two before they become damaged, corroded, or no longer function.

4.) Constant Maintenance

Landscape lighting products require annual maintenance to keep the system looking great.

Top Solutions

1.) Flexibility

With the variety of products, any look or scene is achievable.

2.) LED Products

LED products are long lasting and energy efficient. To learn more about LEDs, read our LED Buying Guide.

3.) Advanced Systems

LED products are designed to permit colour change and respond to audio inputs.

4.) Price Flexibility

Products are available at various price points but remember not to sacrifice quality for cost!

Landscape Lighting Guide


  •   Choose products based on desired outcome functionality and longevity.

  •   Design your complete system and make sure to size your controls for future upgrades. Contact your local Albrite Lighting for advice and assistance in designing your landscape lighting system project.

  •   Understand the limitations of certain types of products, and the corresponding maintenance requirements. Our Albrite Lighting experts are experienced with outdoor and landscape lighting. We can provide you with detailed analysis of your landscape system needs and requirements.

  •   Choose the right products for the application. Albrite Lighting can help you select the correct landscape lighting that that matches your needs.

Application & Product

  • Zoomable LED optics
  • Adjustable light output 2W to 10W
  • 50,000 hour life
  • 12V
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  • Zoomable LED optics
  • Adjustable light output 2W to 10W
  • 50,000 hour life
  • 12V
BL5016 LED Micro Bullet
  • Die-cast marine grade aluminum alloy housing
  • Fully adjustable swivel arm with vibration-proof locking teeth
  • 25,000 hour life
  • 12V
MUL4 Path Light
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Available with conventional and LED technology
  • 50,000 hour life
  • 12V
  • IP66 Rated
DB30 LED Bollard
  • Die-cast aluminum dome and louvers
  • Clear molded glass lens
  • 12.5W LED A19 lamp
  • 120V